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Private Systems

Borehole drilling and private water systems.

Agricultural Water Engineers are members of The Well Drillers Association and specialists in private water supplies from boreholes and wells for potable water or garden irrigation. We install new bore holes complete with all the pumps, pressure sets, storage tanks, water treatment and filtration systems required to meet the demands of your project.

Agricultural Water Engineers will undertake a full geological survey for you, for the construction and installation of a borehole. Our hydrogeologists will write a report and come to site and identify the best position for the borehole. We will notify the British Geological Survey and the Environment agency to register your borehole.

Using our drilling rigs which are ideal for private water systems, drilling boreholes down to 300 meters and installing from 168mm up to 350mm steel and PVC screen and casing. We operate a fleet of cable precision drilling rigs including a Dando 175, Dando 800 and a Bucyrus Erie 22 RW water well drilling rigs.

The water act of 2003 states that a private user may extract up to 20 cubic meters or 20,000 litres, 4400 gallons of water per day of ground water for private usage without any licence required and no charge or fee.  

We specialise in the maintenance and up grading of existing systems to comply with the new required standards of the Private Water Supplies Regulations which came into force in 2010. We work closely with the local Government Environmental Protection Officers to upgrade and clean your private water system.

Agricultural Water Engineers operates our own crane enabling us to lift most farm and private boreholes reducing down time. Agricultural Water Engineers are fully equipped   to install and commission all makes and types of submersible pumps. We install most of our submersible pumps on wellmaster flexible rising main enabling fast servicing of the pump.

Agricultural Water Engineers will advise on the best pumping equipment including surface mounted pump sets, pressure booster sets and borehole submersibles with fixed speed and variable speed motors to meet our climets requirements. We are dealers for Lowara pumps, Grundfos, Dab, Caprari and Nocchi.

Agricultural Water Engineers   install and maintain all types of filtration and treatment plants for general dirt, sand, chlorine, iron & manganese, odours. Ultra-violet and chemical purification systems to suit all applications.

Agricultural Water Engineers can supply and install above and below ground water storage reservoirs from 50 ltrs up to any size to suite your requirements. We can also supply and install butyl liner to refurbish your existing reservoir.

Agricultural Water Engineers electrical systems and control panels are bespoke designed and installed to the latest electrical regulation and certificated by our electrical contractors.

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We have found Agricultural Water Engineers ltd to be a trusted contractor, providing helpful advice on water supply projects and in particular providing a helpful and routine management service once major projects have been completed. James Squier, Partner, Bidwells

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