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These machines are ideal for the installation of all types of services. Water, gas cable ducts, cables and irrigation pipes.


Trenchers are a fast and efficient way to excavate a trench for the installation of under ground services. Trench widths from 100mm to 300mm and depths to 1.3mtr enable minimal ground disturbance and ease of back filling of trenches. The trenches are able be worked at an offset line of the machine.


Ploughs are for the direct installation of pipes and cables where minimal ground disturbance is desireable. Vibrating ploughs are ideal in grass fields, verges and golf courses. Ploughs reduce reinstatement cost and time as the soil has not been excavated. Maximum depth of 1000mm and services diameter of 160mm.

We have three diggers in our fleet of machinery , a Kubota U20-3, a Kubota U17-3 and a Bobcat X320.  These enable us to bring a machine to site to carry out repairs and leaks, as well as being able to install new water mains and assist in the installation of new water mains.

Top Cutters

These special machines are used to excavate hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete on roads or paths. They are designed to cut the top 350mm or less enabling the trench to be excavated with a digger to avoid any services already installed. Where trenchers would be impractical.

Impact Moles

Impact moles are part of the new no digging trench less technology. Moles work by the displacement of soil enabling the installation of service under roads, yards and lawns where digging is not possible or reinstatement cost and the visual appearance of a trench line across a road or yard would not be acceptable.
Impact moles can pull ducts directly in behind them, when ground conditions may collapse behind the mole.
Moles can be fitted with a special ramming cone enabling the pushing of steel ducts under difficult and cohesive soil types. Where the depth of the cover is not suitable for soil displacement.

Mole data:

55mm displacement hammer mole - 1 to 18mtr per mole length (depending on ground conditions)
68mm displacement hammer mole - 1 to 20mtr
75mm displacement hammer mole - 1 to 20mtr
130mm displacement hammer mole - 1 to 18mtr
Rammed steel ducts from 100 to 300mm diameter and 1 to 24mtr (Other sizes are available on request)

Drilling Rigs
We operate three drilling rigs in our fleet.  The Dando 175 is a 3 ton shell and auger rig enabling drilling in smaller areas complete with temporary casings for sands and gravels.  We would normally drill at 220mm diameter, but can drill from 100 to 300 mm with a depth to 70mtrs.  The Dando 800 is a percussion drilling rig enabling us to drill from 168mm to 450mm diameter and depths of 200mtrs plus.  The 220 RW is a percussion rig enabling us to drill for 168mm to 300mm to a depth of 150mtrs.

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