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Agricultural Water Engineers offer a complete range of water treatment equipment to treat all private waters whether borehole, well or stream, to potable standards

Most private waters only require pumping, simple filtration and disinfection to make them wholesome.

If your water is contaminated with high levels of iron and manganese, or other chemicals or pathogens, we can remove them using more sophisticated filtration methods

We can supply and install water softners, RO’s for water treatment and uv filters

Most private water systems have good potable water but we would advise to  purify boehole water to potable or wholesome standards the water should be tested to ascertain its physical, chemical and biological properties, then a water treatment system can be designed accurately. In most cases borehole water complies with current water standards and does not require any treatment but, in our experience, can fail on iron, manganese, oliforms and E.Coli. For larger water systems it may become a requirement to fit a chlorination dosing system to keep the water free from bacteria  build up from the borehole to the reservoir and then out to the farm and house through maybe thousands of mtrs of old pipe in a potable condition.  Iron and manganese removal.  This can be More expensive due to the cost of the equipment and the maintenance cost.  RO system will remove all minerals and impurities in the water but they work at a slow flow rate and usually/maybe only used for drinking water tap.  Producing about 200ltr per day larger systems are available but cost may be prohibitive?

If you need advice please contact us.

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We have found Agricultural Water Engineers ltd to be a trusted contractor, providing helpful advice on water supply projects and in particular providing a helpful and routine management service once major projects have been completed. James Squier, Partner, Bidwells

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