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FAQ Waterwell Borehole

What is a Waterwell Borehole?

Your own private water supply. Agricultural Water Engineers Ltd will drill into the aquifer below the ground water level up to 200m, installing a steel well casing complete with a inner pvc case and screen to protect the pump from damage. A pump will be installed into the borehole on wellmaster rising main, this is a special pipe designed to bring water to the surface and carry the weight of the pump. The head of the borehole will be finished 300mm above ground level complete with a GRP cabinet (a fibreglass cabinet) to house the controls over the well head.

Is groundwater always safe to drink?

Usually, but not always. It may have minerals in it that can give the water an unpleasant taste or in rare cases be contaminated. We recommend that the groundwater is fully analysed and the correct filter system fitted as required.  We take care of this for you.

Will I need permission?

Provided less than 20,000 litres 4,400 gallons of water per day is used a licence is not required. A greater volume would require consent from the Environmental Agency and we can assist with obtaining a licence should one be required. As a general guideline, a family house would use between 800 and 2,000 litres a day, or a 80 cow dairy herd would use around 18,000 litres a day, so plenty of scope.

We notify the British Geological Survey of our intent to drill a borehole, and on completion of our installation we take care of all the paperwork for you and send the completed borehole record to them.

How long does it take to get a water supply?

  • We are able to give you a budget cost on email to establish if the project is feasible.
  • A hydrogeological survey will be required to establish the ground strata and water depth to enable us to quote for the works.  We can obtain the survey normally  within 21 days of your enquiry.
  • We send you a full written detailed quotation within 3 days.
  • We obtain permission to drill. If a licence is required this many take a little longer and we will advise you at the time of how long we expect this to take.
  • We will visit the proposed site to agree a suitable position of the proposed borehole, infrastructure and identify access for our equipment needed.
  • On-site work can span 10-20 working days: drilling varies between 3 to 8 days, and pipe work and cables are installed. The submersible pump is placed in the borehole and tested, and we pump through to clear the supply. Water is then sent for analysis  to verify purity. This is likely to take up to 10 days depending on the analysis required.
  • There may be a requirement for a water treatment system to be fitted to the system after the water analysis.  This might be needed if the analysis finds high levels of minerals or contaminates, such as irons magnates and nitrates.

Agricultural Water Engineers have a complete in-house service.  We are very happy to handle your entire project, from conception to completion ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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We were really pleased with the service Matthew gave us when putting in a borehole for us .It has worked extremely well and is efficient and unobtrusive. Also Matthew came to give it a service a short while ago and it was all working perfectly. I thoroughly recommend Agricultural water engineers if you are thinking of installing a borehole for you house. Lady Tuckey, private house, Dorset

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